Prepare a presentation

Assignment Title:

Prepare a presentation about recruitment practices in relation to temporary and permanent staff in 4 different countries (Canada, Brazil, Germany, China)

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Prepare a presentation
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Description of the assignment:

You are an HR manager with local knowledge of the above 4 countries and you are advising HQ in the UK about the local practices in these countries with regards to employing temporary and permanent staff.

You are expecting to recruit a number of managers and administrative staff in each of these countries and HQ need to be aware of local laws and practices

In small groups virtually, you are asked to prepare a presentation on what are the key elements of the recruitment process particularly focusing on where the variation in each country might be.

The assignment must include:

Plan of the recruitment process for each country

Highlight of the similarities and differences per country

What HQ in the UK need to be aware of in terms of local recruitment practices that differ from that of the UK?

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