Prepare a draft agreement for Patrick’s review.

Patrick MacApple is about to be married to Sandra Golddigger. Patrick has adult children who are worried about their inheritance. Patrick made it big in the technology business and was one of the founding partners of what is now considered one of the leading software companies in the world. Sandra is 30 years younger than Patrick and wants to desperately start a family with Patrick after they are married. Patrick would love this. But, he is aware that he must protect not only his assets but those of his adult children in the event the marriage does not work. Patrick is a realist and has no illusions, although Sandi keeps assuring him that this is the real thing and forever. As the long-time attorneys for Patrick, they want to have a prenuptial agreement prepared. Th is is Patrick’s third marriage. Patrick’s net worth is approximately $300,000,000. Th ey plan on living in Boston, Massachusetts where they currently reside. He wants an airtight prenuptial agreement. He wants a provision that provides for monetary increments based upon the length of the marriage—the longer the marriage, the more Sandi would be entitled. He thinks fi ve year increments would be fi ne. If he dies, Sandi would be taken care of in a will. a. What other issues should Patrick consider including in the prenuptial agreement and why? b. Prepare a draft agreement for Patrick’s review. Sandi does not have an attorney and does not want to sign the agreement. Be sure to include provisions in the agreement to protect Patrick from later challenges to the document.

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Prepare a draft agreement for Patrick’s review.
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