Prejudice and discrimination


In this second component of your course project, apply to a public service organization the problem selected in the Week 4 assignment. Based on what you have learned in this course and your review of scholarly sources, identify solutions to the problem as it relates to the selected organization. Evaluate the effect of each solution within the context of organizational policies and practices. Consider different multicultural perspectives in your evaluation and apply these to the dynamics of group communication and collaboration within the organization. In addition, identify strategies to ensure continued resolution regarding the selected problem within the organization. In your assignment, address the following critical elements that align with the grading criteria: Provide a brief overview of the problem and selected organization. Explain solutions to the problem and the impact of each on the public service organization and organizational policies and practices. Examine the impacts of diversity, ethics, and cultural competency on the decision-making process related to your selected problem. Evaluate the aspects of effective communication styles as applied to individual and group collaboration. Evaluate the concepts of collaborative and communication techniques that have affected the development of relationships, partnerships, and alliances. Identify strategies to ensure continued resolution of the problem. In addition to these requirements, revise your Week 4 assignment based on grading feedback and submit this as part of the Week 8 assignment. Your submission should be a single integrated paper that incorporates all aspects of your revised Week 4 assignment and the new components for the Week 8 assignment. As such, your submission this week will include the complete identification, assessment, and solution related to the selected problem. Include the following in your paper: In an appendix section after the references, an explanation of how you implemented feedback received from your instructor and other sources. Your assignment should be written in the third person academic, using a formal, scholarly, and objective tone. Avoid the use of first- and second-person pronouns, contractions, and casual or conversational tone.

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Prejudice and discrimination
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