Predict the market size using python and any rule-based algorithm

You are currently working on a project with your manager, to create a plan for utility eligibility across different cities as the program expands. You are given test data for six cities with a projected market size (representing the baseline estimate) for the first city called My Hometown only as of the time of the project. To deliver a successful proposal, you need market size estimates for each city.

Using the information on the Table below, predict the market size in each of the other 5

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Predict the market size using python and any rule-based algorithm
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cities using python and any rule-based algorithm. (Submit the python code along with the answer in

table below)

City Total Population No. of Residential Meters Market size (Projected)
My Hometown 20,305 10,866 516
Best City 4,125 1,740
Kingsville 5,855 1,508
Portsmouth 3,225 639
Birmingham 25,957 13,381
Vacation Spot 653 387

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