Post 2: Reply to Classmate


Review both the visual display and writing your classmate posted. What are the similarities and differences between their view and your view? Explain.   Students Response Koenigs, Nicole  With the world in turmoil from the pandemic or the pitiful and concerning behavior our elected officials are displaying I felt it very suiting to find something regarding the 2020 election.  I am not using our platform to express any other political views.  My review of the selected article regarding the predicted results of the election for the State of Iowa comparing it to the calculated results after the election.  I focused solely on Iowa verses a visual of the national numbers because I’m a born and raised Iowan.  The results did not surprise me.             The color-coded map is extremely easy to understand.  The visual immediately states the purpose of breaking down the State of Iowa’s voter results.  Each county is color coded based on the percent of democrats verses republicans election results.  The color-code is clearly centered at the bottom of the map and a breakdown of each candidates final results. The columns identifying the candidate, their party, how many total votes, and the final percentage of total votes tallied.  Following the individual break-down the reports 98% voter turnout in this years election in the State of Iowa.             I found that this visual illustration is purely informative and not trying to mislead the readers for any possible gain.  There was no shock value trying to be accomplished with these numbers because they were simply stating the results of the calculated votes made by Iowans.  There wasn’t any labels that were incorrect or suggestive, as are some graphs and charts.  Although I would have eliminated the different shades of each party and gone with only red or blue results had won, but I’m not a graph or charts kind of person.             There wasn’t a massive amount of data that was being collected but I felt it was still enough that I wouldn’t have wanted to read it.  Being able to view it in the format it was presented was quick, straight to the point, and accurate.  The is a reputable news reporting media and did not have any of the election results that were reported challenged in the following weeks.  They also are one of the very few that are known to report accurately.               Feeling confident in the source, and  having been witnessing the after-math of the results I would agree with this visual display of the 2020 presidential election I am presenting.  The raw data was collected, calculated, and organized before being made public to the news medias.  Different networks on TV and on the internet will have their own individual ways, which do not mean they are incorrect.  That’s the unique part of design but I think this was an extremely appropriate way to display the data being reported.  I would be interested in this visual display if it had been found on one of my Google cards.

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Post 2: Reply to Classmate
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