Portfolio Management Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Hello, I uploaded a sample we have to follow in our project. My part that I want you to do are the third and fourth parts of the investment decisions, which are:  1-Industry outlook. 2-Fundamental Company Analysis: Fundamental analysis method used to choose companies- example use EPS, P/E Ratio, growth analysis for revenue/sales, asset, liability and new investment or equity. Add up some   macroeconomics or industry outlook such as development in particular sectors or increasing in GDP in particular country. 1.     Company name 2.    Background of company 3.    Fundamental analysis for each company ———————- I highlighted my parts so you easily can follow. Of course you will change the content based on the industries and companies a give you, yet the order and the mentioned information and charts I want them the same. Please keep in mind a very IMPORTANT note, that the charts should be from the same website and shows the information of the companies, for example if you take a screenshot of the company A’s balance sheet on its analysis, the same should go with all other companies you should provide their balance sheets, and so on. P.S.: you going to take about the industries and companies in Saudi Arabia.   The industries are: 1-food and beverages. 2-Banks. 3-Real estate mgmt. & devt. 4-Telecommunicatoin. 5-Energy. 6-Materials.   The companies are: 1-Saudia Dairy and Foodstuff Co. (code in Tadawul 2270) 2-Alrajhi bank (code in Tadawul 1120) 3-National commercial bank (code in Tadawul 1180) 4-Almarakez (code in Tadawul 4321) 5-Taiba (code in Tadawul 4090) 6-STC (code in Tadawul 7010) 7-ZAIN (code in Tadawul 7030) 8-Aramco (code in Tadawul 2222) 9-Alinma bank (code in Tadawul 1150) 10-Aldarees (code in Tadawul 4200) 11-Almarai Co. (code in Tadawul 2280) 12-Emaar(code in Tadawul 4220) 13-Alandalus (code in Tadawul 4320) 14-Mobily (code in Tadawul 7020) 15-SABIC (code in Tadawul 2010)       The websites to take information from: https://www.tadawul.com.sa/ also use the references websites from the (sample project) file.


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Portfolio Management Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
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