Political interest groups and political parties report

1. post 2 current event report that related to political interest groups and political parties (includes a link to the source) 2. a summary of the topic 3. your opinion about the issue These posts should be about 100 words in length. Sample post: The recent protests around the country have certainly “conjured up fear of mob rule.” You can see why the Founders were worried about using the word democracy to describe the new government they designed. On Monday, a man shouted that he was going to shoot two law enforcement officers in Washington D.C.  right outside of the White House as he got down into a shooter’s stance. That led to the man being shot by the officers. That man is now under arrest recovering in the hospital. The President was giving a press conference at the same time. Secret Service interrupted the presser, hustled the president to the Oval Office, and then President Trump returned when the threat was neutralized. The whole exchange was 17 minutes.  If you are wondering why this individual was shot in the torso, but not killed, the reason is the people who work in and around the White House are typically top grade sharp shooters. A link of the report

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Political interest groups and political parties report
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