Format 8 short answer questions: 200 words per answer = 1600 words in total. Each question is worth an equal weight: 10 possible marks out of 80. All questions must be attempted. Every question response should be cited. Do not write more than 200 words for an individual response to a question, inclusive of citations. Do not write more or less than the 1400-1600 word range for the entire paper. Simply identify the questions in your document with their corresponding number: There is no need to list the full question text in your response as it will add to your word count. A reference list is required; the reference list will not be included in your word count. The use of full sentences is required but you may use dot points in a limited fashion. Administration and information Record your responses in a Word doc and upload the .doc to the take-home exam dropbox on Canvas. The take home exam has been designed to test the breadth and depth of your knowledge of the unit’s content.  The exam will take the form of 8 x 200 word questions. It could potentially ask questions on any topic covered in lectures or required readings. Being a take home exam means that it is ‘open book’. This means that the questions will frequently ask you to work with multiple unit themes/concepts/issues in combination in a single question. You may also be asked to work with a case study example or work through a hypothetical scenario.  You will be required to directly reference and cite lecture and/or reading materials in the exam responses. Failure to do so will result in a fail grade. Satisfactory exam papers will demonstrate knowledge and reference readings and/or lectures; better exam papers will demonstrate deep understanding and reference research, as well as readings and/or lectures; and the best exam papers will demonstrate evaluative and critical comprehension, synthesize with sophistication, and reference excellent and deep research, as well as readings and/or lectures.  Further information on how to write excellent exam responses will be provided at the end of semester.   Requirements Complete the below in the order outlined:  Revise your lecture notes and familiarise yourself with the set readings for weeks 1-12. Revise the research you have conducted for your research essay.  Consult the further information provided on exam responses and contact the teaching staff if you have any questions.  Log onto Canvas to download the exam paper 23 Nov at 9am.  Complete the exam.  You are required to cite relevant readings and/or lecture materials in your responses to each question. Make sure you carefully meet the word limit requirements outlined above.  Submit your fully cited exam paper, with a reference list of cited materials, following a style guide of your choosing from the library to the Turnitin dropbox on Canvas for grading.  Encouraged You are encouraged to conduct further research for this assignment. Demonstrated additional research beyond set class materials is a necessary, but not sufficient, requirement for better exam grades as it will aid the demonstration of the move beyond knowledge and comprehension to deep understanding of the question.    Take-home exam assessment criteria Breadth and appropriateness of research (it is satisfactory to only reference class materials, but further research is a necessary, but not sufficient, requirement for better exam grades). Demonstrated knowledge, comprehension and appropriate critical application of unit themes to the questions. Skillful employment of knowledge and comprehension to mount synthesis, argument and analysis.  Quality of expression.  Quality of referencing.GOVT1641TAKEHOMEASSESSMENTQUESTIONSsem22020

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