nit 5: Research Proposal Chapter 3 Methodology   CAREFULLY read instructions!! This is JUST ONE portion of the proposal. Only Chapter 3 (1-3) So you just need to complete Chapter 3 Methodology: 1. Target population 2. Sampling and 3. Instrument. Use the template, previous assignments and references to help with chapter 3. The topic is: POLICE TRAINING Introduction In this assignment, you will begin drafting your research proposal. You will be developing the research proposal over the course of this class. The research proposal in its entirety will contain the following sections: 1.    Chapter 1 Introduction (Unit 2) 1.    Problem Statement 2.    Purpose Statement 3.    Hypothesis 2.    Chapter 2 Literature Review (Unit 4) 3.    Chapter 3 Methodology (Unit 5) 1.    Target Population 2.    Sampling 3.    Instrument 4.    References (Units 1-8) 5.    Appendix A Instrument (Unit 6) In this assignment, you will use Research Proposal Template provided to develop the assigned section.  Note: This course uses the discussion format for submitting content related to the research proposal. You are not required to post responses. This format allows you to see your classmates topics and resources. It also gives your instructor the opportunity to address issues that may arise after you submit the assignment on Thursday and provide feedback that concerns both individuals or the whole class. You will have the opportunity to make edits suggested by the instructor and resubmit by the Sunday final deadline without penalty to your grade for the assignment. You may find this helpful as your proceed through the course.  Directions 1.    Use the template provided to complete Chapter 3 Methodology (see explanation below) of the research proposal template. 2.    Post the Chapter 3 Methodology to the discussion post by Thursday 11:59 pm CT. (You will have the opportunity to make edits suggested by the instructor by the Sunday final deadline without penalty to your grade for the assignment.) 3.    Address any instructor comments and questions for full credit by Sunday 11:59 pm CT. Chapter 3 Methodology The “Methodology” section is the most important section in the entire proposal, as it explains each step the researcher will take in order to conduct his or her research. This section discusses what measures the researcher will take in order to test the study’s hypothesis. In this section, it is vital to include the following subheadings while expanding on them in as much detail as possible. Target Population Describe the target population which is the entire population from which you will select a sample group. Park -> Criminal -> Your sample Sampling This section should include an expanded discussion of the sample. First, discuss the population under consideration. From where will participants be selected? Second, give the sampling method to be used. Lastly, list the elements that will be characteristic of the sample, such as gender, age, ethnicity, academic standing (junior, senior, other.) Instrument In this paragraph, briefly describe the survey instrument. Discuss how the instrument(s) will measure the study’s independent and dependent variables. Include and refer to survey instrument in Appendix A.Rachel Sanders week 2 proposal Research Proposal Template Rachel Sanders – Annotated bibliography Rachel Sanders unit 4 POLICE TRAINING RESEARCH PROPOSAL

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