Police brutality

You are encouraged to take on any of these topics or choose any topic you find interesting that is relevant to obstacles that may directly or indirectly impact / affect one’s chances of achieving the American Dream. Once you have determined a specific research topic, you will develop a research question–a knowledge-making question that will drive your research. Then, you will locate at least three sources for your research project using library and online research. One of your sources can be a class reading or video. One of your sources must be peer-reviewed (we will discuss what this means in class). Ultimately, this project will culminate in a 4-5-page essay that builds on the research you have completed and contributes to the conversations surrounding your topic. In this paper, you will present a thoughtful argument about a chosen issue, organized logically for audience understanding, and delivered in a polished final product that follows all APA formatting guidelines (we will discuss these in class, too).

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Police brutality
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