Photosynthesis as a mechanism

At each level, most energy is lost as heat, therefore eating lower on the food chain (e.g. eating plants) is a more energy-efficient lifestyle than eating cows that eat plants (eating hamburgers). About how much more efficient is eating plants rather than eating animals. Said another way, how many more people on the planet would be fed if we were all vegetarians :
About 0.1 times more
About 1 times more
About 5 times more
About 10 times more
Describe how plants are used for the synthesis of chemicals that humans are dependent on? Include a description of how at least 1 plant-made compound has.
Which three are most important out of the six fundamental properties of life? Explain why?
Do you think Sundew plants are producer or consumers? Explain the difference between how Sundew plants acquire their carbon (photosynthesis as a mechanism) and acquiring other nutrients, like Nitrogen (by eating insects) ?
Explain the difference between how producers and consumers acquire carbon to make biological molecules?

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Photosynthesis as a mechanism
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