Pay disparity


The required sections of this paper are as follows: Business Administration : Human Resources. Executive Summary Legal Aspects Current State Future State Impact on Compensation & Benefits Conclusion References Papers should discuss topical information beyond that presented in the textbook and in class. As a result, it is expected that you gather references on your topic from external, library based sources. In general, I would like to see at least four (4) references cited within your paper. References should be cited in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines. It is also recommended to use peer reviewed journals as references. Papers will be graded in terms of content and style. In terms of content, papers should include an Executive Summary placed after the title page. The Executive Summary needs to be at least 100 words and is a stand-alone document that serves as a high level overview of your research and findings. It may also include any recommendations. Papers should be structured in the following format: Title page, Executive Summary, Legal Aspects, Current State, Future State, Impact on Compensation & Benefits, Conclusion, and References (you may also want to include tables, figures, and graphs to main points). The page limit will not include the title page, executive summary, references, tables, figures, or graphs. In regards to style, papers should be well written such that they are concise, clear, organized, adequately referenced, and free of grammatical errors. Cite your references accordingly and do not plagiarize an author’s work. University policy regarding plagiarism will apply to this assignment.

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Pay disparity
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