Organizational Change management model


Assignment 3, Change Management Model Module 8 – Organizational Change Management Model Assignment # 3 Worth 30%, due December 3rd,2020 Aims and objectives: The aim of this report is to build a case study collecting information about your chosen company, investigate change implementation and discuss success or failure factors associated with the change. STEP ONE: Select an organization/company that has undergone a change.. STEP TWO It is recommended that you choose your own organization/ company or one you are familiar with because you will have the chance to collect more information. If this is not feasible, you may choose one of the following: Levi’s Xerox British Airways Cadbury Schweppes Walt Disney Kodak Air France BMW-Rover Ericsson 10. Kellogg’s 11. Hewlet Packard and Compaq 12. IBM Each of these companies was engaged in at least one change program such as downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, cultural change etc. STEP THREE You now need to collect data regarding your chosen company in order to be able to build you case study and investigate the change implementation. STEP FOUR Produce a report of 1500 words typed (double spaced) based on the following structure/outline: Introduction (Aims and Objectives) Description of the company (Size, profit, strategy, employees etc) Description of the change What were the objectives of the change program? How was the change implemented? How did they raise the sense of urgency? Who did they involve in the process? Was a powerful coalition involved? If so who was part of this coalition? How did the company communicate the change and its vision? How did they convince/motivate people to follow the change? What did they do to remove obstacles? Did they face resistance? How did they deal with it? Did they create short term wins? If so what were they? How were they able to build on the change and maintain it as part of the corporate culture? What was the outcome of the change? Discussion of the findings Was the change a success or a failure and why? What should the company have done differently, explain? Submission Instructions: Scroll down to the bottom of this assignment page and use the ‘Add Submission’ button to submit your assignment file(s).  Assignment # 3 Marking Rubrics Factor/Element Excellent 85-100 Superior 71-84 Satisfactory 70-60 Not Sat < 60 Following the outline/structure marks will be based   the quality and demonstrated understanding of each of the main change aspects   of the case Very   comprehensive or thorough and extremely clear, demonstrating an excellent   understanding of the case and each of the change elements. A strong and   clear response demonstrating a superior or above average understanding of the   case and each of the change elements. A good   response that shows a satisfactory or average understanding of the case and   each of the change elements. A weak or   poor response that shows little or below average understanding of the change   elements. Submission status

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Organizational Change management model
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