Organisational Behaviour issues

To identify an OB related issue that needs improvement in an organization of your choice (organization that you work for/had work for  or an organization that you have enough information about )  1- Identify the main issue(s) of the organization using the OB concepts and models learned in this course or in other related courses (30 points)   2- Specify and evaluate pros and cons two or three possible courses of actions to resolve the issue(s) using the same or other OB models that you used in 1). (30 points)   3- Recommend what you think should be the best course of action based on your analysis of question 1, and suggestion in question 2; add other complementary points that you deem necessary to justify your choice e.g. I believe this is the best option as the organization I described in this pare is small etc.(40 points).

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Organisational Behaviour issues
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