Online Museum Visit and Research Essay

(1000 words, around 10 paragraphs, not less than 8)  visit an online Japanese art museum from   (use works from Asian artists that are working in Asia – do not use American-Asian artists or Asian Artists working in the United States.) From there, move on and select one or two or three art items to write about. You may choose to place your observations in a variety of essay formats or combination such as analysis, compare/contrast and so on. Other types of essays are described in the Course Resources area in Canvas. Include title, artist’s name if known, date, location, patron, function, medium (what it is made of), subject matter (what does the work portray) and content (what is the artist wanting to say). Include also color, shape, texture, space, form, line, values (light and dark range), if there are elements of time included, and other items you feel are important. Be sure to follow good essay writing form. Go to Purdue or George Mason University Writing Centers online for assistance.(They are listed in Course Resources Module)  Be sure also to give credit for any information or ideas you take from museum plaques or brochures etc. (as always! 🙂 Then go to online and locate at minimum 2 research resources (not including your textbook or classroom presentations) and locate information on the historical time periods your selected artwork is from. Also you may research additional artworks that are similar or different and analyze those similarities and/or differences. Do not use footnotes – use inline citations.  Grading Rubric:  Content: 100 points Screenshot of Museum Website you visit   10 points Length (each paragraph should be well developed 6-8 sentences each and essay length 1000 words) minus      50 points  Image title, date, location, etc.  20 points  MLA style citation page 10 points Copies of source material  20 points Additional research 30 points Required 2 resources 10 points

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Online Museum Visit and Research Essay
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