Nursing Job Interview Tips Sample Paper

Summary: Nursing Job Interview Tips

  Before undertaking any nursing interview, there is a need to conduct thorough research on the institution. This is by familiarizing oneself with the institution’s mission statement, goals, and objectives, and any other critical information regarding the hospital’s operations. The research also involves getting conversant with your skills, and expertise which will guide the answers in the interview (Nurse Liz, 2019). There is a need to dress comfortably before getting to the interview and make sure that you are smartly and comfortably dressed. Carrying all the necessary materials such as pens, business cards, files, and portfolio hardcopy will also be very critical. 

 There will be a need to practice all the likely questions such as: “About yourself, your skills, and what you are offering to the company.” This includes nursing interview questions and terminologies both in the clinical and working settings. The answers need to demonstrate different skills depending on the type of unit you are applying for. Through the answers, you will be able to paint a picture of someone knowledgeable, reliable, professional, and someone actively ready to learn  (Nurse Liz, 2019). Some other tips that one should observe include; going for the interview earlier to make sure that you do not get lost, and also get conspicuous to the unit. 

 During the interview, there is a need to be yourself, though confident and calm when answering the interview questions. You should show your personality to make the panelists see who they will be working with. There is a need to ask as many questions as possible in the course of the interview to get more conversant with what the task involves. Finally, leaving “a thank you note,” for the allocated time would be very critical for the success of the interview. 


Nurse Liz. (2019). NURSING JOB INTERVIEW TIPS. Retrieved from  

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