Nokia mobile phones

What contributed to the growth of Nokia Company in the global market between 1990 to 2006? Long Period of Monopoly Power Nokia started its operation when there were no telecommunication companies with similar services. Since the company was alone it enjoyed all the monopoly powers. The company was the price maker and customers had no choice other than to procure Nokia’s goods and services regardless of the cost. Also, there was an increased demand of phones as they were considered fashionable and they were few. Therefore, Nokia took advantage and made desirable profits. High Level of Creativity and Consistence The company launched a series of successful mobile phones which attracted the attention of many customers. For instance, in 1992 Nokia produced a mobile phone model which it called 1011. The staff worked in making mobile phones better in terms of weight, quality and size. The company invested a lot to ensure that the new model was somehow advanced than the previous model. That increased customer’s anxiety of possessing a mobile phone. Below is an illustration of Nokia phones evolution. Presence of focused management. Initially Nokia had young, energetic and united leadership who were visionary in making decisions. For instance, Jorma Ollila remains in the books of record in playing important roles during the rise of Nokia. It is well known that good for any business to succeed there must be a good business strategy. The staff members were encouraged by the good efforts in promoting the company and that was the key element in the success of Nokia. The management and effort with the staff and launched Nokia phone with a camera in 2001. Between the year 1996 to 2000, the number of individuals who were in possession of Nokia devices had increased by 150%. On the same period the revenue rose up to about 503%. That made Nokia to be a pride of Finland (country of Nokia origin) and the world at large. Research shows that the budget of Nokia was higher than the budget of Finland. Definitely that was a show of best performance.

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Nokia mobile phones
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