New Recruiting Methods


We know all of the traditional methods to recruit and ultimately hire new workers. The traditional methods still work fine. There are some new, somewhat radical, approaches to hiring new workers.  These include:   Reality TV method of hiring (and eliminating prospects). You have applicants compete in contests, and simulations, and eliminate until you have the last. Gamification methods for hiring (Let them play simulated games). You have applicants complete in a game (i.e. run a digital restaurant for applicants for a restaurant manager position). Gamification can also include simply publicly keeping ‘score’ and showing these to applicants at each stage of the process., and the  “Geek” model for hiring new workers (hire those who express a geeky love for the product).  You go to festivals, or conferences or customer lists and see who is the biggest user of your product…and hire them. Chose two of these new methods and provide an analysis that includes: a) Describe the method. b) Describe the benefits of using this method. c) Describe the downfalls of using this method. Below are additional tips to assist you in a successful  submission: • Only use materials available for class (textbooks, notes, power points, etc.) to assist you in forming your answer. • Follow question instruction. Some questions will provide expectations on what to include or not include in your answer; follow these.  • Answers all questions asked. Many questions have multiple components, answer all.  • Provide clear and detailed answers.  • Cite your sources, even if paraphrasing! • Pay attention to formatting and organization of answers.  • Allow time for submission.

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New Recruiting Methods
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