Native American Human Rights

My proposal for my research paper is to write about how Native Americans have been treated since the United States was colonized forcing them to give up their land. I want to focus on how the Government has treated the different tribes that are still around today. Native Americans are known for how they were treated and the genocide of their people. I want to research how the Native people are being treated now and the difference between life on the Indian reservations and how they are treated off the reservations. A question I want to answer during my research is why our history books didn’t talk about the genocide and how our government handled it. I picked this topic because of how Native Americans have been perceived in our history classes in school. The story from our history books don’t say exactly how the colonizers took away their human rights when they came to America, and what they did. Human rights with Native Americans is important in our country and should be talked about more in how they have impacted the way certain laws are set up.

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Native American Human Rights
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