Music Digital performance


Acceptable Performances (choose one link). No other links/pieces will be accepted: Guidelines: Due date is December 8, 2020 at 9:30am. No reports will be accepted after this time. Reports must be e-mailed to me by December 8 by 9:30am. Report should be 2 pages in length, double-spaced; standard (MS Word) margins; 12-pt Times Roman typeface. The body of the document should be submitted in paragraph form. You must write in clear, coherent sentences, using specific words and examples. All references, including internet sources, must be cited both for direct quotations and paraphrased materials. Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. If you copy material without citing it, you will receive a zero on the assignment. Egregious examples of plagiarism may be referred to the Dean. If you are at all confused about plagiarism, come talk to me and I’ll help. To help, I’ve given you below all the required information. Follow this and you will get a great grade!: Your performance report must contain the following three parts: Part One: Concert Information (20% of paper): The date of the performance (if possible to discern) The location of the performance (again, if possible to discern) The performers (if an entire orchestra, DO NOT list all performers, just conductor). You may need to research this. The piece performed The composer of the piece performed. Part Two: Background Information on the piece performed (30%): Year the piece was composed Place it was composed The form of the composition (symphony, concerto, etc.) Historical information about the piece (e.g. story line, how well-known it is, its function, etc.) Background of the composer and/or general output of the composer Part Three: Critique (50% of paper): Describe the overall presentation and experience in detail Detail your personal opinion of the presentation. Talk about the piece you listened to and why you enjoyed it or why you didn’t enjoy it using terminology from this class. Indicate whether you would recommend this program and/or if you would attend/listen to another one another one like it Grading Rubric Failure to hand in a digital paper on December 8, 2020 by 9:30am will result in an automatic zero. No excuses will be accepted. In order to receive full credit for the paper, you must: Follow the content guidelines on the previous page. Cited material. No Plagiarism. Have a clear header with class name, teacher name, your name, and date project is due all spelled correctly, single spaced in upper left hand corner. Have a title for paper, not more than two spaces below the header. Paper must be double spaced and paragraphs should be align left, with standard margins. You must use TIMES NEW ROMAN. Indent for all new paragraphs Actually have it be at least 2 full pages of content. Failure to follow these guidelines or the content guidelines on the previous page will result in a lowered grade.

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Music Digital performance
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