Mood Disorder Responses Essay Sample

Section 1 

The prevalence of mood disorders in an individual can be very damaging and may cause adverse implications in all aspects of the person’s life. The diagnosis, treatment, and control of mood disorders are fundamental as they provide the necessary emotional stability that lead to a healthy living. Persons suffering from emotional instability are at a high risk of succumbing to depression and mood disorders (Hester, 2017). The prevalence of the problem is associated with severe outcomes such as potential suicide and erosion of the victim’s life. Suicide is the immense outcome triggered by severity of emotional instability. Mood disorders categories of bipolar disorder, cyclothymic disorder, and major depressive disorder are classified as the severe extents of the disorder. The extent levels require effective diagnosis and treatment measures to avoid succumbing to the illness. The disruptive mood dysregulation disorder manifesting in children’s tantrums and premenstrual dysphoric disorder are periodical and are bound to end with time. However, it is crucial to formulate mitigation measures to avoid developing more severe problems. Thus, it is critical to provide advance measures sufficient enough to eliminate the problem before it takes roots. 

Section 2 

The suicide prevention approaches outlined are crucial to eliminating such thoughts and provide a sense of stability, support, and care. The treatment of mental disorders is fundamental in providing the necessary professionalism required to resolve mental and mood disorders. The crisis intervention utilizes key measures that engage the affected person to dissuade from negative thoughts and feelings of worthlessness (Murphy, Irving, Adams & Waqar, 2015). The high-risk groups provide a safe haven for mental and mood disorders to express their fears and feelings. The approach is crucial as it provides a support mechanism that is essential in providing the necessary measures that resolve the feelings of neglected victims. The underlying cause of suicidal thoughts is primarily due to lack of acceptance, worthlessness, and neglect. Care, proposed monitoring measures, and understanding of the individual are significant to averting the problem. The actions of severe depression have a potential of affecting other persons close the person. The capacity to mitigate the problem before metamorphosing to the intensity of suicide is highly encouraged as an effective measure. Thus, persons with severe mood and depression disorders should be closely monitored and shown love and appreciation often to make the feel better and a sense of worth and purpose.


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