Modern Dance – 2nd Generation and Post Modern Essay

The contemporary choreography by Paul Taylor is a very creative and unique type of Dance, which is quite stunning and showcases creativity. The dancers are well-composed, where they dance in patterns and have a dynamic approach, a factor which distinguishes this dance moves from many other dances (Yung).  There is the use of a very distinctive physical style, especially as the dancers move from one location to another, and have uniform falls and movements.  

  The women involved in the dance moves are typically athletic and robust, whereas, on the other hand, men are beefy as quarterbacks and use their skills and strengths to show the quality of their movement.  The open arms curves, the driving steps, the twisting, and the interest inflow and action in the declamation and gesture are some of the characteristics that make this Dance moves interesting. By watching the moves, one tends to feel as if he is a part of the movements, where the flow is smooth, spectacular, and also integrates with the music playing in the background. 

  By watching the Dance, I notice the complexity of the dances, which are perfectly executed by the hops, where they incorporate various dancing styles. Both traditional and modern, and play along with the music in the background.  It appears that each technique and choreography by these dances has a story to tell, where the dances are not just movements but have a more profound meaning, which is a proof of Paul’s expertise and excellence in choreographing dances (Dreyer).  There is modern structuring of the dances, where most of these dance routines are thrilling and exciting to watch repetitively. There is a need for contemporary dancers to learn from Paul’s skills for inspiration and motivation for their future performances.

Works Cited

Dreyer, Kevin. “Dance and Light: The Partnership Between Choreography and Lighting Design.” (2019).

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