Medical analysis – based on situation

INSTRUCTIONS Ensure to follow academic writing without which you lose marks Due Date: 11th November, 2020. Please submit this assignment by the said date Font size: 12, Cambria Include proper work citations. You are a workplace Occupational Health and Safety consultant. You have been hired to improve worker productivity and safety at Konkat Access Business Services, a local computer call centre. The people who work there have been suffering painful strain and repetitive stress injuries from working long hours at their cubicles. Specifically, employees have been experiencing wrist pain, eye and shoulder strain. Some employees have quit their jobs thus resulting in a high employee turnover rate. In 5 to 7 pages, explain the measures for correcting common computer workstation problems and preventing repetitive strain injuries. The assignment must include the following; 1. A definition of computer ergonomics 2. Description of the eight ergonomic computer hardware items (chair, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.), and descriptions to the parts of the body the item is supporting. You must include pictures of the hardware and ergonomic equipment and arrange the pictures attractively with titles/labels for each picture. 3. A picture of a properly designed ergonomic workstation (how each employee’s workstation looks) with 5 suggestions of the proper positioning of a user at the workstation. 4. Four Repetitive Stress Injuries or Cumulative Stress Injuries that can be caused by using a computer incorrectly (excluding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). Your research should answer the following questions: a) what is the disorder or injury? b) How is it caused?

APA 7th edition

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Medical analysis – based on situation
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