Measuring Change


Change involves moving from one circumstance or situation to another. Since organizations involve many components and systems, the ability to effectively communicate any changes throughout the organization becomes a critical component of employee morale and commitment.  In this scenario, assume you are serving as a Human Resource Manager for a company in Saudi Arabia that has announced that they must lay off 20% of all employees. Discuss how you would advise management about how best to communicate this message. Include the following areas: the specific process they should follow, the format/channels they should use, the components to include in the message. How can the change pre-layout and post-layoff be evaluated? What type of control systems would you employ to ensure a smooth transition? What metrics or measurement tools could you use to ensure the current customer base is still being supported after the layoff? Draft a short, one-paragraph message that you believe should be sent to the organization to announce these layoffs.

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Measuring Change
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