Marketing Strategy

For this final part of the plan, collect all other social plan parts, 1 through 13, that have been completed throughout the book. Pull these sections together into one cohesive social media marketing story. Strategically this is a plan to follow, but also a story to sell. Even though most leaders know social media is important and want to do something with it, most are still skeptical of social media methods. This plan will serve as a reference to follow, but also to show and present to organization decision-makers in order to get social media efforts approved, funded, and running. Begin by pulling out the main sections from each part of the plan completed from chapter 1 to chapter 13. Compile the sections into a single report that tells the overall social media story, from research, target audience, and insight to big idea, selected social channels, content, schedule, metrics, and budget. As you tell the social media plan story, remember to support and quantify everything with outside references and data to build a strong and convincing argument. Don’t forget to define social media terms for full context and understanding. Most executives may not be familiar with social media terminology. Also, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. Use screen grabs and charts and graphs when appropriate to provide a more complete and convincing vision of the proposed effort. Finally, put the pieces together in an order that makes sense. Start with a big picture of the current situation, objectives, and background leading up to the brilliant-solution big idea and executions in the selected ideal social media channels. Explain why you chose those channels and help people see what the campaign will look like with example content posts. Show at least one “mock up” post per social media channel, visually set in screen grabs of the environment to make each post look as real as possible. Provide an example content schedule to preview weekly activity. Also provide example consumer response through comments and other interactions. Ensure metrics are explained to show how success will be measured, and finally, estimate costs to secure final approval. While structure of the final plan document and presentation can vary, below is an example social media plan format and order to follow:

1. Provide an overview of the brand, main competitor, and current marketing activities.

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2. Identify overall business objectives, define the target audience, and describe their social media use.

3. Include the social media audit results in a table and describe insights gained (see table 4.2).

4. Explain social media strategy big idea with theme/hashtag and how it integrates with traditional marketing.

5. Provide the social media channels added and removed with selection rationale considering user statistics, culture, and content.

6. Write and design example content in context of each social channel and include an example content calendar table (see table 14.1).

7. Identify metrics by channel and business objective to show how success will be measured using the example metrics table (see table 14.2).

8. To take the plan one step further, estimate costs. Calculate with one of the methods described in chapter 14 following the example social media budget template (see table 14.3).

9. Don’t forget an overall introduction and conclusion or executive summary.

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