Marketing Strategy

1. Does it meet the Social Media Policy? Most organizations have official social media policies that you probably received when hired. Don’t assume you know what the policy says. Many employees have been fired for not following company social media regulations. Make sure you know and follow employer or client requirements.

2. Does it hurt my company’s reputation? No matter how many disclaimers you put on your accounts, such as “views are my own,” certain content and behavior will negatively impact your employer. If your bio states where you work, your personal account represents your employer.

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Marketing Strategy
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3. Does it help my company’s marketing? Employee advocacy is an important strategy. Have a positive impact on your company’s image and when you can advocate for your brand in social.

4. Would my boss/client be happy to see it? You may not have “friended” your boss or client but a coworker may have and your post is only a share or screen grab away. Even private accounts are never fully private.

5. Am I being open about who I work for? It is good to post positive content about your employer and it is nice to receive gifts, but if you are trying to pass it off as unbiased opinion, that is wrong. Be transparent about your financial connections.

6. Am I being fair and accurate? Everyone is entitled to his or her personal opinion, but if your opinion tends to always be unfounded and seems to have an agenda, it will reflect negatively upon you. Criticism is welcome when it is constructive and opinion is backed by evidence.

7. Am I being respectful and not malicious? People can get very insensitive, judgmental, and angry in social media posts. That does not convey a professional image. Don’t post what you wouldn’t say in person. Even an outburst in person fades in memory, but a malicious post is there forever.

8. Does it respect intellectual property? Not everything on the internet is free. Check for or get permission to post company or client brand assets and content.

9. Is this confidential information? As an employee or contractor, you are granted access to privileged and confidential information. Don’t assume it is fine to share. Do not disclose nonpublic company or client information.

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