Marketing Management

Go back to the John Wanamaker quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Do you believe this statement is still true today? Find evidence, tools, and research that prove John Wanamaker wrong. How do you know advertising works today? Is 100 percent of advertising spending not wasted, or has the percentage changed, and, if so, to what? You can also attempt this for public relations. What percentage of public relations spending can be proven to be effective and not wasted?

1.       Yelp can make or break a local business. How accurate are ratings and reviews on the website? Do some research into the real impact of Yelp on local business, both positive and negative.

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Marketing Management
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2.       Live video use is expanding. Dig deeper into all aspects of social live video. What are some best practices for organizations to leverage live video? What are some of the negative aspects of live video, considering highly publicized violence, murders, and suicides that have been broadcast on Facebook Live?

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