A local pizza maker is considering changing its cheese from mozzarella   to a provolone/mozzarella cheese mix in a 1:2 ratio or a 2:1 ratio. This pizza maker also is considering holding the price for pizza the same, increasing the price 10 percent, or reducing the price 10 percent.

1. Search the Internet—including social media—as well as your library’s online databases to obtain information on consumers’ preferences for and consumption of pizza.

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2. Design a marketing experiment that will determine which formulation customers prefer. Your experimental design and format should consist of the following parts:

a. Independent variables: The things that you changed.

b. Dependent variable(s): What changed as a result of the manipulated variables, such as rating the formulation of cheese and price.

c. Extraneous variables: Everything else that did not change during the experiment, such as location of the test, the crust, and so forth.

d. Control group: Did you use one? Why or why not?

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