1.Describe a marketing research problem in which both survey and observation methods could be used for obtaining the information needed.

2. The campus food service would like to determine how many people eat in the student cafeteria. List the ways in which this information could be obtained. Which method is best?

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3. Locate and answer an Internet survey for which you would qualify as a respondent. How would you evaluate this survey based on the discussion in this chapter?

1. The HP survey was administered by posting it on a Web site and sending an e-mail invitation to respondents. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this method. Do you think that this was the most effective method

2. Compare the various survey methods for conducting the HP survey. Could HP have used social media? If yes, how? Social Media

3. Can HP make use of the observation method to determine consumers’ preferences for PCs and notebook computers? If yes, which observation method would you recommend and why?

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