Managing Information Technology

Granite Book Publishers wanted to buy a new telephone system for their business. They had outgrown their old system. Ballentine Business Machines specializes in many kinds of business products from copiers to telephones. Granite hired Ballentine to assist in choosing a telephone system. Ballentine sent a representative, Walter P. Calley. Calley told Granite that the best system was the T3 Line of phones. All his best clients have the system. He also stated that the system rarely had problems. The system will last forever. Based on Walter’s representations, Granite purchased the system. After the system was installed, Granite had problems transferring calls, conferencing clients, and a host of other problems. Granite wanted its old system back! Now, Granite wants Ballentine to take the system out. Ballentine refuses. Does Granite have a claim for breach of express warranty and implied warranties on the telephone system?

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Managing Information Technology
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