Management style analysis essay


Management style analysis essay Possibly the most important aspect of being a great manager is understanding your own strengths and opportunities in interacting with the people that you direct.  To help you get an early indicator of this, each student in the course will be expected to complete the Personal Inventory Assessments (PIA’s) that correspond to chapters 1 through 17, excluding chapter 4.  You can complete the PIA’s at any time prior to the due date, but each week, PIA’s need to be submitted in accordance with the “Course Schedule” within the syllabus. Only the graphical results of your PIA’s will be available to review under the “Results” field in Pearson after you close the PIA. Therefore, please document, save and/or print your full assessment on your own each week if you want the details of your feedback for future use. A paper/essay, three-pages double spaced (no longer), will be required outlining what you learned about your management style from BOTH the text reading and the PIA’s themselves.  The paper should be written as a self-assessment (written in first-person) of your observations and personal examples (showing your understanding / evidence of where you’ve seen the behaviors at play in yourself) of why you agree with the PIA’s relative to: -Your top 3 strengths as a manager -How you can use those strengths to your advantage in managing people -Your top 3 opportunities (weaknesses) as a manager -A suggested action plan (be specific) for making improvements to your identified weaknesses   The points will be distributed as follows:                                         Points PIA’s completed on-time (3 points each)                                        48 Introduction / Conclusion                                                                    20 3 Strengths / 3 Opportunities cited                                                    10 How you apply your strengths as a manager                                   40 Your action plan for improving your opportunities                         40                                                            The analysis of your management style (using the Text                 90 concepts and PIA information)                                                   Grammatical and structural accuracy / correct spelling                 17                                                               Total for Assignment                          265

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Management style analysis essay
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3 Strengths cited from PIA and 3 weaknesses

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