Including HR at the Table
When you hear the term Human Resources, what comes to mind? Many people have interacted with someone from HR when they were hired, needed to fill out paperwork for taxes or insurance benefits, had an issue with a supervisor or coworker, or decided to leave their company. For these reasons, many people believe that HR’s primary role is simply to handle employee-related paperwork. Those are important tasks, of course, but how else does HR contribute value to an organization?
If HR had been brought earlier into the situation involving the hiring of Jacqueline Dubois, how might HR have been able to demonstrate its value to the organization by bringing about a different outcome?
How could HR have been more proactive in the situation involving the hiring of Ms. Dubois in order to prevent the unethical and/or illegal behaviors that took place?
If you were in the VP of HR’s position, what rationale would you give the CEO for why HR should be included in key leadership decisions?
To support your response, be sure to reference at least one properly cited scholarly source.

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