Make a plan out of the SWOT analysis

You are required to prepare a report that demonstrates your ability to use data and analysis as part of a digital marketing strategy for the company

Every section should be corroborated by valid and current literature, well referenced. Critically analyse the current literature on the subject and present justification and critical evaluation of the relevant theories related to the task.
Clear justification of the approaches adopted and Integration of multiple data sources to back up points (references in each paragraph).
You should use a good range of journals, books and web pages as references but mainly focusing on the use of academic sources.

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Make a plan out of the SWOT analysis
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Your tasks are:

1. Undertake an analysis of the company. This includes an external analysis (macro and micro environments)
2. Identify and explain the Buyer Persona(s) for the company using the Buyer Persona Spring
3. Undertake a SWOT analysis using the above information (points 1 and 2)
4. Make a plan out of the SWOT analysis, which includes:
a. Key SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable Realistic, and Time bound indicators (e.g. Gantt chart))
b. Clear strategic recommendations utilising Buyer Persona Spring Strategy Template – which makes clear use of the above analysis
c. Clear strategic recommendations which include type of further digital analysis that the company should undertake to inform the marketing strategy

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