Madonna Videography


Society Final Idea: I would like you to explore Madonna’s music videos from the 1980s to the 2010s. My idea is to create a tumble blog consisting 8 entries and each entry will analyze one representing music video of hers with media clips and written narrative. I chose her because she is a female singer who spent her whole career within the pop culture as well as the political culture. Her videos like “Like A Prayer”, “American Life” and “God Control”are dangerously political. Meanwhile her other music videos such as“Frozen”, “Human Nature” and “Erotica” are also notably. Throughout the semester, I found the articles in lecture 6 “Music and Politics” and lecture 2 “Music and Meaning” can be used as strong references to analyze Madonna’s videography. From feminism, gun control, to government corruption, I will break down Madonna’s music videos into different parts and build connections of them to the society.  Be sure to really look at how Madonna used media, controversy and image to remain in the spotlight. It may also be interesting to explore if her tactics with traditional media remain effective in the social media era. Madonna is truly a fascinating person to study from the perspective of media. As per length – consider creating 10 posts of a shorter length (between 200 and 500 words) instead of very long entries. Of course please use image, sound, video.  Be sure to pick a good mix of sources. Some academic, some periodical. Please avoid Medium unless you state that Medium is neither a journal nor true journalistic publication. Medium is  similar to Wikipedia, driven by user content.  How to write: Find 8~10 music videos of Madonna write 8~10 entries separately analyzing the music video and the social impact of the video PLEASE ATTACH VIDEO/IMAGE

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Madonna Videography
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