List the common risk factors for the chosen Major Health Issue.

Task 1 – Individual Slides and Supporting Commentary
(Learning Outcomes 1 and 3)
In accordance with the World Health Organisation (2000). the measurement of healthcare systems is carried out using the health status of the citizens in the country. This includes the types of diseases, incidence, and prevalence data as well as the prevention strategies in place (WHO, 20101.

You work for the World Health Organisation as a Surveillance Officer. In preparation for a World Health Organisation conference, your manager has asked you to prepare PowerPoint slides and a supporting commentary on the common Major Health Issues in the UK, Mexico, and Ghana, and analysis of their prevention strategies.

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List the common risk factors for the chosen Major Health Issue.
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Drawing upon the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation website, produce slides identifying ONE common Major Health Issue from the top 10 Major Health issues across the UK, Mexico, and Ghana. You should also support your slides with a comparative and critical commentary of the common Major Health Issue identified, justifying ONE of the prevention strategies from the three countries which you judge as being most effective.

Requirements for Task 1
PowerPoint Slides

  • No more than 8 slides should be provided, including the title slide and reference list slides.
    The slides should include the following –
  • A diagrammatic representation of the Top 10 Major Health Issues for each country according to the IHME website.
  • Identify a common Major Health Issue across all countries.
  • List the common risk factors for the chosen Major Health Issue.
  • Provide the prevalence and incidence data for the chosen Major Health Issue in each country.

•Identify the prevention strategy implemented for the common Major Health Issue specific to each country.
Supporting commentary should include –
A comparative analysis of the data presented in the slides should establish and justify which ONE prevention strategy from the three countries, is most effective.

You should source your literature from reputable sources including –
a. International literature such as

  • Country Health System Reviews
  • World Health Organisation
  •  Commonwealth Fund
  • OECD reports

b. Supporting literature providing fundamental evidence can also be obtained from

  • Government reports
  • Books
  • Journal Articles

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