Life In Rome

Title:​​​Information Literacy Assignment: Life in Rome   Overview:​Imagine you are living during the ancient Roman era and are taking a trip.  You can be a soldier in the Roman army out on campaign, a merchant traveling on a business trip or a captive from a conquered province being brought back to Rome. You can choose to be any kind of character as long as you are living during the Roman period, interacting with Romans (or are a Roman) and going on a journey. ​ ​Writing in the first person, describe your occupation, where you live and the reasons for your journey. Discuss the territory you come from and the territory to which you are going including descriptions of local customs and rulers. Include also an explanation of the political situation in Rome during this particular time period. What are your impressions of the Romans (if you are from one of the provinces) or the provincial peoples (if you are from the Italian peninsula)?   Requirements:​​Papers must be at least 800 words long. ​​​You need to use at least 4 websites for information.  ​Bibliography (Chicago/Turabian style) or Works Cited page (MLA style) must be included. ​​   Details:​The purpose of this assignment is twofold.  First, it should make you aware of the vastness of the Roman world in terms of its historical duration and geography.  Remember that you need to put your character in the proper context.  For example, if you are a Celtic warrior in Britannia battling the Romans, you are clearly living during the time of the Roman Empire around the first century CE, and not the Republic. You need to pay attention to such details as place and time.   ​Second, this assignment calls for you to choose and evaluate secondary web sources.

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Life In Rome
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