Liberal democracies.


1-Explain the principle of distribution of power and why this is such an important principle in liberal democracies. Discuss how the principle of distribution of power can be weakened or disturbed in practical politics. Feel free to use examples. 2- Use among the ideas of the Norwegian book: Political Analysis: Heywood, Andrew (2019): «Politics», 2nd edition. London: Palgrave Macmillian. Rothstein, Bo (2015): «Human welfare and the lost relevance of political science». Underdal, Arild (2007): «Norwegian political science 60 years: Where do we stand, where do we go». Busch, T. (2013): «Academic writing for bachelor and master students». Bergen: Fagbokforlaget. 3- Cheating on exams Cheating or attempted cheating during an exam or test includes:   Having illegal aids available during the exam To be presented with other people’s work as their own To cite sources or otherwise use sources in written work without sufficient source references Consequences of cheating Cheating on exams usually has serious consequences for the person who is taken. Examinations are canceled and according to national practice, exclusion from the university and loss of the right to sit for examinations at all institutions under the Universities and University Colleges Act for up to one year is a common reaction to examination fraud. Text similarity check Urkund   Documents loaded via Canvas or Wiseflow are automatically checked for text similarity with other documents.

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Liberal democracies.
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