Juvenile Delinquency Paper


For this paper, you will investigate and provide characteristics of a specific area of juvenile delinquency, and consider that behavior through the lens of moral decision making. How does one determine right from wrong? What are the mechanisms for integrity and empathy that might be missing from the life of a delinquent? It is necessary that you integrate information you have been learning throughout the course into your final analysis. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate an understanding of the personal and social variables that contribute to delinquency, and apply a specific theory or explanatory construct to the behavior. You will need to apply the following theories: Labeling Theory, Control Theory, Social Learning Theory, Strain theory. The topic can be about how bullying at school affects juveniles. If you have any questions please let me know.  + Eight pages double spaced, NOT including a cover page OR bibliography. The entire paper submitted will then be ten pages. + Your paper must be a fully developed, college-level essay: your work should be organized with an introduction, body, and conclusion, presented in an analytical style, and fully and appropriately cited (see next point). We will discuss, in class, the numerous academic supports that exist on campus to help you achieve the level of writing expected.  + Four citations minimum are required in your bibliography. Two of them must be academic (from a peer-reviewed journal).  + 12-pt font, in Times New Roman or Arial. One-inch margins all around. Papers without these standards will not be accepted.

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Juvenile Delinquency Paper
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