IT Project Management


For this assignment, your group will write an issue paper on a project management topic. The paper has to be APA style, 4-6 pages long, including references.

The paper will provide an intellectual treatment of a Project Management-relevant topic. Specific paper topics will be decided in consultation. Therefore, check with me early to discuss your ideas.

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IT Project Management
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I will provide feedback on one intermediate version of the group project if the group so desires. My assessment and feedback of these versions do not count towards your grade.

My topic is the issues with the Project Management Triad of Scope, Cost, and Time and how it is no longer adequate. Explain what the PM triad is and how it is used in 3 pages. Use one page to briefly explain the issues including issues with the quality of deliverables, issues with customer service, and how it ignores end-user adoption.

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