Is globalization a good thing or bad? Is it making the world richer or poorer?

Advantages of Globalization in Trade

Question: Is globalization a good thing or bad? Is it making the world richer or poorer? Does globalization promote international understanding and tolerance or does it threaten local cultures? Post a thread in either the Globalization Is Good or Globalization Is Bad folder, and defend your position with factual, economic examples.

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Is globalization a good thing or bad? Is it making the world richer or poorer?
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Required Readings and Sources:

Textbook: Perspectives on International Relations: Power, Institutions, and Ideas, 6th ed (Links to an external site.). — Henry R. Nau, Sage/CQ Press, 2018. ISBN: 978-1506396224.

Chapter 8: Realist and Liberal Perspectives on Globalization Security, Domestic Economy, Trade, Investment, and Finance

Chapter 9: Identity Perspectives on Globalization Development and Environment

***Associated Powerpoints are attached below for Chapter 8 and 9***

*******Need citations to outside sources, provide economic examples, and refer to the textbook*******

Grading Guidelines:

(1) A clear introduction that addresses directly the question posed by the instructor;
(2) A body of factual examples that support your thesis; these examples may be drawn from either the assigned readings or footnoted sources researched independently by the student; Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for academic essays;
(3) A coherent paragraph structure that highlights your main points; and
(4) Appropriate citations for materials drawn from the works of others; plagiarized threads will be penalized.

(5) Should be approximately 600 words in length.

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