IQ and personality tests.


This is a Reflective Writing Assignment designed to help students evaluate the importance of individual moods and emotions in the workplace.

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IQ and personality tests.
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you will demonstrate synthesis of all you are learning through sharing your insights and wisdom in changing your behaviors in the application of the theories we are studying. e

• Learn more about yourself! Go to There you will find a variety of personality tests such as “Are you a Type A?”, the “Stress O Meter,” and other IQ and personality tests. Most are free and often fun to take. Take two or three of your choice. Share a summary of your findings in an appendix of your paper. Incorporate an analysis of your findings in the body of your reflection paper.

• What is EQ? Visit the Internet’s leading site on EQ: There you will find a wide variety of resources to assist you in researching this interesting topic.

• Bring or share five new facts you learned from at least two of the above websites into your analysis of your moods and emotions in the workplace. How will you apply this new learning?

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