INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT & ANALYSIS Once accepted and cleared, you will use your interview guide to interview one person for 30-45 minutes. Request permission to record the interview. You may use a cell phone to record the interview, on zoom, take detailed notes, or another method. Explain that the interview is confidential and that no one other than you will know their name. Transcribe (type up) the entire interview. On the first page, your demographic face sheet, list all the demographic information about your respondent (age, national origin, education, occupation, education of parents, occupation of parents, etc.). Write one paragraph describing your experience (mini-ethnographic work) and 1-2 paragraphs analyzing some of the most interesting parts of the interview using at least three class theories and concepts. Then attach the transcription. The interview transcript, along with your 4-5-page data analysis. **Please Note: Even if you receive a high grade on your interview guide, this does not mean that you will conduct an A+ interview. The questionnaire is a guide and it is up to you to make your respondent feel comfortable and to get your respondent to open up by probing thoughtfully and asking follow-up questions to unearth the mechanisms that illuminate the three main themes. Evaluation: The demographic profile and interview guide is worth 5 points. The interview transcription and analytical reflection is worth a total of 25 points. You will be evaluated on your demographic profile, how well you thought out your questionnaire, how well you gathered information from the respondent (that is, providing them with a pleasant interview experience that also provides a lot of data), and how well you probed and followed up for information. You must correctly apply at least three theories/concepts from class in your 4-5 write-up. You will be evaluated on how well you analyze the data you have collected and whether you integrate class concepts and theories correctly. you will need to write 4page INTERVIEW ANALYSIS. I have already wirte the interview transcription. so don’t need write any interview transcription.

Interview Analysis (1) some theoriesconcepts from class

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