Intangible Cultural Heritage


DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY HIST 1901-INTRODUCTION TO HERITAGE STUDIES PROJECT  Select ONE example of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) to focus on for your project for e.g. (telling stories, music, dance, food, language, clothing, handicrafts, rituals/special ceremonies, performances) Reference must be made to THREE academic articles/books/book chapters in the project.  Introduction 1. Define ICH and identify different elements of ICH  2. Describe the importance ICH plays in defining culture  3. Identify your selected choice of ICH  4. Explain why you selected this type of ICH  Body  1. Provide FIVE captioned images that explain and demonstrate your preparation and participation in the various stages in the selected example of Intangible Cultural Heritage. These must be current photographs only, applicable from November 2020. These photographs can be placed in appropriate places throughout project.  2. State how you felt participating in the activity and what you learnt from it  3. Explain what the selected ICH can indicate about the values and beliefs of a society  4. How does the selected ICH highlight cultural and national identities?  5. State THREE challenges of heritage protection for the selected ICH  6. State THREE ways to preserve the selected ICH  Conclusion  1. State your reflections on participating in this type of ICH and what it means to you. Word Count: 1500-2000 words Citation Style: MLA format. Times New Roman 12 Point. Black ink only. Number your pages.  Upload the written document through the turn it in drop box. No plagiarism will be tolerated, this includes copying and pasting of information. Academic sources ONLY are to be used. VIDEO RECORDING: Upload a short video clip of no more than 1 minute of you participating in the selected aspect of Intangible Cultural Heritage into the second drop box. This must be video footage current from November 2020. TWO SEPARATE DROP BOXES WILL BE PROVIDED UPLOAD THE TWO PARTS OF THE PROJECT

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Intangible Cultural Heritage
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