Create the Digital Innovations Infographic Each student will create his/her own Infographic based on the Information Analysis Paper topic using Piktochart, a free web-based tool for creating infographics. *********** Create Infographic: Each student will create an infographic based on the Information Analysis Paper topic in which he/she visually organizes, presents, and explains data that has been gathered by a formal research organization, on a topic of his/her choosing, in a way that will be clear and meaningful to a selected target audience. It should be informative and tell a story from beginning to end. Its message should relate to a theme (or themes) of the course and should incorporate course concepts and vocabulary. Its design, in terms of text, images/illustrations, use of theme, background, color, fonts, icons, shapes, borders, etc. should attract the target audience as it supports the message. Students will use Piktochart, a free web-based tool for creating infographics, to create the project.  (NOTE: This must be an original infographic created specifically for this class focused on a topic of interest related to the course The Structure of Information; students may not re-use or adapt one that they may be creating for another class) Post a link to infographic webpage (or downloading and attaching a .jpg image of the infographic) on the Infographic discussion board. Retain the infographic for posting on the professional website that DCIM students will be creating in their Strategic Presentations and Capstone courses. This website will be greatly enriched by the inclusion of top-quality projects created in their DCIM courses and will showcase students’ digital understandings and skills to future employers. So keep in mind that the project will have a lengthier “lifespan” than most college papers or projects and will have real, visible, practical future usefulness. Target Audience for the Infographic: In addition to selecting a topic for the Structure of Information Infographic, students will also select their target audience (i.e., one or more groups of people) as the focus of their information topic. The target audience should be reasonable in relation to the selected topic and may be broad or narrow in focus, as applicable. Statistical Data and Information Sources for Infographic: Students are required to do research to obtain relevant information and statistical data about your chosen emerging technology innovations topic and target audience(s). The information and data that will be used in the Infographic must be obtained from reputable sources (see below) and are an integral part of the Infographic. To assist you, the following sites can be very useful for finding relevant data (statistics) and information that you will need to both prepare your proposal and create your digital infographic. These are just a starting point, and you are welcome to find sources that are not found via the links below. Note: For the Proposal and Digital Infographic, you will need a total of 3-5 sources. Sources for Information-Related and General Statistical Data: a. Eagleton Polls: b. Pew Research: c. Pew Research – Internet Project – Publications: d. World Bank: e. World Bank: f. Huffington Post, Technology Stats: g. Internet World Stats: h. desc, name asc i. DataMarket:

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