Individual reflexive diary


I will just paste the requirements for this essay here. There is a total of 8 questions. Each answer should be about 250 words. I know it is a standard essay and I know that there are some questions which require the writer to informally interview somebody. Please just try to make that up in any way possible. Message me if you have any inquiries and thank you in advance! Task 1: Identify two entrepreneurs that inspire you, at least one of which is a social entrepreneur, and explain why they inspire you. It could be someone famous or part of your personal network or community. Describe what they do and what makes each of them successful.   Task 2: Identify and ‘contact’ (i.e., informally interview – online or by email) a female small business owner. It could be someone famous or part of your personal network or community. Discuss what inspired her to start up her business, if she plans to expand and how, and what challenges if any she faces.   Task 3: Identify and very briefly describe an ethnic minority business (EMB). Discuss whether or not the business possesses some of the traditional features of EMBs highlighted during class, in the concepts and readings discussed.   Task 4: Identify a family owned business that has been operational for at least three generations. Discuss how the business has evolved over the years and what factors have been critical to its success.   Task 5: Focusing on one of the business ideas that you came up with during class or your own business idea, discuss what business opportunity it fulfills and whether and why/why not it is feasible in the real world.    Task 6: Identify a famous entrepreneurial team and describe the business they created. Discuss what each member of the team brought to the business (e.g., in terms of prior education, experience, skills, ideas).   Task 7: Identify and ‘contact’ (i.e. informally interview – online or by email) a small business owner and discuss with them business growth – e.g., whether or not they have grown the business, if they have plans to grow and why/why not, and how they plan to grow if at all. Discuss what form business growth has taken in the past and what barriers, if any, they have experienced or anticipate experiencing in relation to growth.    Task 8: Identify two businesses that are actively engaged in corporate entrepreneurship. Compare and contrast the entrepreneurial cultures in each. What similarities and differences can be observed? NOTE: Each task may be written up in approximately 250 words. Each task must involve different entrepreneurs/businesses. In addition to drawing on the academic literature on entrepreneurship (e.g., high quality peer reviewed journal articles that discuss studies carried out on the topic), you may need to speak to people in person or carry out internet research.    The Literature – Students MUST link the contents of the diary (the different tasks), where relevant, to the academic literature (themes discussed over the course). As much as possible, students should back up their claims with evidence (previous research, facts and figures).

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Individual reflexive diary
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