Importance of Adapting to Change Paper Sample


Change may be experienced in an individual’s life as a result of a crisis or just by chance. Individuals are faced with the task of having to make a choice of either adapting to changes due to circumstances or remain in the same position. It is difficult to evade the unexpected crisis in our lives since the happenings challenge us to strive and step out of our comfort zone. We deny ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow if we ignore the challenge posed to us of changeI believe it is better to be prepared for any changes that may arise since we gain more control over a reaction to the changes we may have to face in our lives.   

Our distress and self-limiting principles will kick into action when we are confronted with the unsettling moments of making adjustments. There is no evading the fact that transformation is a disruptor, and it feels awkward and frightening when trying to adapt. In the novel, Crow Lake, the theme of fate is illustrated as Kate acknowledges the existence of various factors that human beings may not have control over. However, she believes that individuals give up to the mercy of fate to utilize it as an excuse. However, she does not think that everything is predetermined, and individuals have the opportunity of choosing their course in life. She decides to move on with her life as she barely communicates with her family members.  Nonetheless, it is our power to make informed selections that allow us to trigger positive changes in our way of life

It is essential to take personal responsibility as it is, at times challenging to alter the circumstances and the seasons, but I can change myself to adapt to the situations. The more an individual uses the power of making choices and the more you focus your attitude on progressively acclimatizing to changes, the more resistant a person becomes to deal with the influence that transformation will bring about to a person’s way of life. It is the happenings of adjustments that offer openings in life, so if we look at the past, you might forego the current and future opportunities. In regards to the excerpt, White Circus, Ken Read, was unable to the situation down the Streif, and he believed that he was able to achieve the fete and that he had to do it despite the circumstances if he was to have the chance of winning in the sport.  


Transformation is frightening, and it is better to be ready for several ups and downs that can happen as we obtain additional control over a response to the modifications we may have to encounter. It is, therefore, vital that we train our subconscious into believing that stepping out of our comfort zone and performing daunting tasks is a regular occurrence in our daily lives. In the event of an undesirable adjustment is impending, it is crucial to start looking for another course of action before the happenings. Life is a sequence of regular and unprompted deviations, and people should embrace the changes and let things flow in a way deemed fit. The ability to adapt to changing times is one of the most vital abilities an individual may possess, but being capable of acclimatizing is problematic for most human beings.

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