Impact of COVID 19 to agricultural commodities

Upon critiquing “Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on agricultural
wholesale prices in India: A Comparative Analysis across the phases of the
lockdown” By Prof. Jabir Ali and Prof. Waseem Khan” link:

What do you think is the rationale for studying the impact of COVID 19 to agricultural commodities?
Do you think that the methodology used is appropriate? Why or why not? Do you have suggestions on how to make the results more conclusive?
What policy implications can we derive from the readings?
How can the conclusions drawn from the article be used in improving the state of agribusiness, particularly marketing in the time of the pandemic?
How is India’s experience relevant to the Philippine setting?
From your understanding and knowledge of

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Impact of COVID 19 to agricultural commodities
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Economic planning in the India, what areas can be studied in order to
mitigate the impact of COVID 19?

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