Identify unknown bacteria


BACTERIAL UNKNOWN IDENTIFICATION PART 2 – IDENTIFICATION In Part 2 of the bacterial unknown identification project, you will go through a simulated identification scheme that will lead you to the identification of your assigned bacterium. You will be assigned a number representing an unknown bacterium and you will answer a series of questions on the assignment’s associated PowerPoint document that will arrive to a specific bacterial species. Once you reach the bacterial species, you will write a laboratory report that will describe the unknown bacterium and the series of tests that you went through to identify the unknown bacterium. The laboratory report will follow these requirements: 1. Formatting: a. A common font and size (for example, Times New Roman 12 point or Arial 11 point) b. Text is double-spaced c. 1-inch margins on all sides of the document d. Length is unimportant, however, a typical report is going to be about 4 pages in length due to the content requirements. e. The report must be submitted in MS Word or PDF file formats through the assignment drop box on Canvas. Other file formats may not be possible to open on Canvas. 2. Content: a. A 1-page introduction about your bacteria. List basic characteristics about the bacteria, such as where it is found in nature, what diseases it causes, and what benefits it may have in nature. b. A listing of the texts that you performed, in the order that you went through them. Along with the tests, you need to list their results, and what those results mean for the project. For example, did a test result eliminate a species of bacteria from consideration? The format for this section is up to you – you can use tables, charts, lists, whatever allows you to communicate most effectively. c. A list of at least two references. You can use you textbook and lab manual as sources as well as online sources (however, Wikipedia can be unreliable and is off-limits to use). Use complete citations for your references, like: Talaro, Kathleen Park, and Barry Chess. Foundations in Microbiology, ninth edition. New York: McGraw-Hill (2016). The report will be graded using the following criteria: 1. Successful identification of the unknown bacteria – 50 points 2. Accurate and properly ordered listing of tests and results – 30 points 3. Reference list present and accurate – 10 points 4. Proper spelling, grammar, and overall format of paper – 10 points **** AM NUMBER FOUR ON THE POWER POINT****

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Identify unknown bacteria
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