Human Trafficking in India

This writing assignment should be 7-8 pages, not including notes and citations. MLA/ APA / Chicago are all ok. Double Spaced, 12 pt font. The topic and resources must be approved by me from the outline turned in October 11th.  Final Paper due Nov. 15th.  Make sure your turnitin score is not over the 25% max.  PDF or Word Doc. Topic:  My research topic will be about human trafficking in India. India has been deemed one of the most dangerous countries for women in terms of human trafficking which immediately caught attention, as there must be a large amount of corruption in Indian society. My research paper will go in depth on structural inequality, gender violence, and the impact left on those who endure and/or survive the horrors of being human trafficked. I then plan on providing ways to attempt to fix this deep rooted issue.  Sources:  13/10/2019. “Human Trafficking in India.” Dianova, 13 Oct. 2019, This source provided me with basic information on human trafficking in India.  Kumar, Vivek. “Inequality in India: caste and Hindu social order.” Transcience Journal of Global Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India 5.1 (2014): 36-52. This source goes in depth about the caste system and its effect on Indian society as 82% of the Indian population is Hindu.  Gopal, Gita. “Gender and economic inequality in India: the legal connection.” BC Third World LJ 13 (1993): 63. This source gives me multiple perspectives of the inequality in India and statistics I may use to support my argument.  Uddin, M. Bashir. “Human trafficking in South Asia: issues of corruption and human security.” International Journal of Social Work and Human Services Practice 2.1 (2014): 18-27. This source describes all sorts of corruption that is the cause of human trafficking as well as a description on the intervention done in South Asia for this issue.  Vidushy, Vimal. “Human Trafficking In India: An Analysis.” IJAR 2.6 (2016): 168-171. This source provides an abundance of root causes and information about human trafficking in India and a variety of statistics needed for my argument.  Williamson, E. (2012). Human Trafficking Resource Paper. Human Trafficking Resource Paper, 1-22. doi: This source gave the unique effects on the survivors of human trafficking and how they cope.  Outline:  Introduction: I will present my thesis and describe the vastness of this issue.  Body Paragraphs: 1) How structural inequality is a root cause of human trafficking in India. It will be in economic and religious perspectives.  2) How gender inequality affected Indian society and led to the primary victims of human trafficking be young woman. 3) The unique effects human trafficking has on its survivors, physically, pyschologically, and socially. Conclusion: I will describe what has been done in order to fix this vast issue and other ways it can be fixed or at least helped.Outline REL4146 (2)

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Human Trafficking in India
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