How much do you spend on food?

For this assignment you will track how much you spend on food for 1 day and answer the following questions.  1. List out each food item you ate or purchased for 1 day and how much each item costs. If you cook your meals calculate how much you ate of that food item and how much that food item costs. Example: Meal #1: To calculate, take the amount you ate divide it by the total amount within the food item. You should get a percentage of how much you ate of that food item. Then multiple the percentage by the dollar amount of the entire food item to get the dollar amount of food you ate. Make sure to use the same unit of measure when dividing the food. Example would be Grams or Ounces. See below.  Grilled Chicken- 8oz (Grilled Chicken costs $2 per pound at Dillions) Total cost: 8oz/32oz = 25%($2) = $.50c Broccoli- 2 cups (907grams costs $5 or 1 bag) Total cost: 91g(2cups) = 182g/907g = 20%($5) = $1.00 Instant Rice- 2 cups (793g costs $4.39 or 1 box) Total cost: 114g(2cups) = 228g/793g = 28%($4.39) = $1.22 2% Milk- 2 cups (3,785ml costs $1.59 or 1 gallon) Total cost: 240ml(2cups) = 480ml/3,785ml = 12%($1.59) = $.20c  This 1 meal only costs me $2.92 Example: Meal #2: McDonalds Bic Mac Meal  Burger, fries, and pop = $6 Discussion: 2. After listing your food items and calculating the costs, which meal costs you the most money? Why did it cost the most?  3. On average, do you cook most of your meals or eat out more? Explain why.  4. Do you believe healthy food costs more than non-healthy food? Explain why.  5. Do you thing the U.S. government should be more active in the food industry and regulate unhealthy food within society? Do you think they should tax unhealthy food more so it would cost the businesses and the consumer more money to purchase unhealthy food? Explain your answers.

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How much do you spend on food?
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